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OverHere Consulting has maintained a long-standing partnership with Freedom Scientific, dating back to the early days when ZoomText was developed by AI Squared. Throughout this enduring collaboration, we have witnessed numerous transformative changes.

Freedom Scientific ZoomText Magnifier/Reader:

ZoomText Magnifier/Reader running on a Windows computer.

ZoomText is magnification software featuring basic screen reading capabilities. It is primarily designed for users who require magnification but is not intended for individuals without sight. This software offers multiple color contrast modes, font smoothing, image enhancement, and user-friendly controls.

Please note that ZoomText is compatible exclusively with Windows operating systems.

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Freedom Scientific - Fusion: The Adaptable Solution for Magnification and Screen Reading:

Fusion running on a Windows based computer.

Fusion is a versatile solution that adapts to the user's needs over time. Initially serving as simple magnification software, it can evolve in response to changes in an individual's vision. Fusion can ultimately transform into a comprehensive screen reading solution, functioning as a full version of JAWS, a widely recognized screen reader. This adaptability ensures that Fusion caters to a wide range of visual needs, offering a seamless and personalized experience.

Please note that Fusion is compatible exclusively with Windows operating systems.

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JAWS - Screen Reading Software for Windows

JAWS screen reader running on a Windows computer.

JAWS, or Job Access With Speech, stands as a pioneering assistive technology for individuals with visual impairments, particularly on the Windows platform. As a screen reading software, JAWS transforms digital content into synthesized speech, enabling blind users to navigate through applications, websites, and documents with remarkable efficiency. Recognized as one of the world's foremost adaptive software solutions for the visually impaired, JAWS has played a crucial role in fostering accessibility and inclusivity in the digital realm.

Please note that JAWS is compatible exclusively with Windows operating systems.

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