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Orcam - Smart Reading Machines

Orcam - My Eye Pro

Orcam My Eye Pro, sitting on a table with a pair of glasses.

Discover newfound independence with the Orcam My Eye Pro Wearable Headset, a game-changing assistive device for the visually impaired. Seamlessly integrated into your glasses, the discreet camera captures the world in real-time, while the intuitive voice command system and advanced smart algorithm enable hands-free control and precise pointing detection. Navigate effortlessly with the touch pad on the side, unlocking features like barcode scanning, OCR, spoken menus, and more. This revolutionary device goes beyond vision, empowering users to interact naturally with their surroundings and enhancing accessibility in daily tasks. Embrace a future of independence and connection with Orcam My Eye Pro.

Orcam - Read

Orcam Read, in the desktop stand connected to a computer. The computer is showing the view of the Read camera.

Introducing the Orcam Read, the epitome of convenience in smart reading devices. Compact, lightweight, and unrivaled in portability, it stands as the smallest on the market. Boasting a user-friendly interface with just four buttons, navigation is a breeze, making it accessible to users of all levels of tech proficiency. The magic lies in its intuitive scanning mechanism - point the camera at the text, and the laser-defined scanning box captures precisely what you want to be read aloud. Effortless voice commands enhance the simplicity, while the option to connect to a computer transforms the Orcam Read into a portable CCTV, providing added versatility. Experience the power of compact innovation with Orcam Read, where size meets functionality in the world of smart reading devices.