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About OverHere Consulting

Welcome to OverHere Consulting, your go-to support for the blind and low vision community! Established in 2013 by Travis Stevenson and Ed Worrell, we're all about making a positive impact on the lives of those facing visual challenges.

The Beginning

Our roots go back to the Montana Association for the Blind Summer Orientation Program, where Travis and Ed were technology instructors, helping newly blinded adults gain the skills to live independently. This experience inspired the creation of OverHere Consulting to address the unique needs of the undersupported community in Montana.

Family Owned and Operated

As of 2021, Ed, along with his wife Becky, is running the business, ensuring that OverHere Consulting continues its mission.

We're proud to have expanded our reach into Idaho and Wyoming, reaching even more individuals in need.

The OHC Difference

What sets us apart is our practical approach. We offer a range of quality products from brands like Freedom Scientific,, Hable, Humanware, and Low Vision International, , tailored for both blind and low vision individuals. Beyond products, we provide down-to-earth phone technical support, ensuring our clients can confidently use their assistive technology.

With Ed and Becky leading the way, we're here to make accessibility a reality for everyone.

If you have any questions. please feel free to Contact Us.