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Humanware - BrailleNote Touch +

The World's First Google Certified Smart Braille Note Taker

Humanware - Braillenote Touch+ 18, braille notetaker.

The HumanWare BrailleNote Touch+ 18 and 32 are revolutionary notetakers designed for blind users. This device runs on Android and gives blind users full access to the Google Play Store. It also has a suite of accessible applications for writing documents, sending emails, scheduling appointments, and the ability to use the Google Suite of applications.

A student and teacher looking at an assignment on the 7" touch screen of the Braillenote Touch+.

The BrailleNote Touch+ is also equipped with modern Wi-Fi connectivity, allowing blind users to access the internet and many other resources. This makes it the perfect companion for students in school, college, and even work professionals on the go. With the BrailleNote Touch+, blind users can access the same information as their sighted peers, and have the same opportunities for learning, communication, and productivity.

Product Features: