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Humanware - Reveal 16 & 16i

Simple, portable, and powerful Magnification

Humanware - Reveal 16, portable magnifier.

The Reveal 16 is a portable magnifier that is perfect for anyone who needs a little extra help seeing. It comes in two variations, the 16 Basic and the 16i. The 16 Basic is a simple magnifier with easy to use, large button controls. It is perfect for those who need a magnifier that is easy to use and reliable.

Humanware - Reveal 16i, portable magnifier displaying the Skype interface.

The Reveal 16i is a smart magnifier with touchscreen, large button controls on the front of the device, and full access to Android, as well as The Prodigi OCR Suite for reading documents out loud. It is perfect for students and professionals who are always on the go and need to access documents quickly. It gives you access to the full Google Play Store and Google suite of applications, so you can stay connected and productive while on the go.

Product Features: