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IrisVision - Live HeadSet

IrisVision Live Head Warn Magnifier.

Introducing the IrisVision Live 2.0 Magnification Headset, the epitome of innovation in head-worn magnifiers. With cutting-edge features, it stands as the leading solution for those with low vision, delivering a revolutionary visual experience. Equipped with Optical Character Recognition (OCR), it transforms text interaction with instant and accurate spoken feedback, complemented by seamless navigation through spoken menus for a universally user-friendly experience.

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IrisVision - Inspire headset

IrisVision Global - Inspire wearable magnifier.

Discover IrisVision Global - Inspire, a revolutionary head-worn magnifier that prioritizes comfort and functionality. A sleek upgrade from the IrisVision Live, Inspire relocates the smart device to your pocket, ensuring prolonged comfort without sacrificing advanced features. With full-page OCR, diverse color modes, and a hands-free design, Inspire adapts seamlessly to your daily tasks elevating your visual experience. With combining cutting-edge design with unparalleled functionality for an empowering assistive technology solution.

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