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IrisVision Global - Live 2.0

See The World Clearer Than Before

IrisVision Live Head Warn Magnifier.

Introducing the IrisVision Live 2.0 Magnification Headset, the epitome of innovation in head-worn magnifiers. With cutting-edge features, it stands as the leading solution for those with low vision, delivering a revolutionary visual experience. Equipped with Optical Character Recognition (OCR), it transforms text interaction with instant and accurate spoken feedback, complemented by seamless navigation through spoken menus for a universally user-friendly experience.

IrisVision Live being used by a person with blonde hair.

Experience unmatched personalization with the Live 2.0's multiple color filters, tailoring your visual preferences for enhanced contrast and visibility in any setting. Powered by the advanced Google Pixel smartphone, the Live 2.0 ensures a seamless and responsive platform, empowering users to confidently explore the world. With up to 50x magnification, revel in unparalleled clarity and focus, making tasks like reading fine print, viewing intricate details, and recognizing distant objects effortlessly enjoyable. The IrisVision Live 2.0 – redefining how individuals with low vision perceive and engage with their surroundings.

Product Features:

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