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Maintaining Independence in School, Work, and at Home with the Use of Magnification

Low Vision International (LVI) offers a diverse range of low vision solutions tailored to enhance individuals' capabilities in various settings, including the office, school, and home. These solutions are instrumental in supporting independence through magnification.

Desktop Magnifiers

Low Vision International - Vision, desktop magnifier.

Magnilink Vision

The Magnilink Vision from Low Vision International is an easy to use desktop magnifier. This unit has a 23 inch screen, and comes in two models. The basic model is perfect for those who need to magnify text and images, while the Text to Speech (TTS) model is ideal for those who need to hear the text read aloud.

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Low Vision International Zip 13 Premium, portable magnifier.

Magnilink Zip Premium

The Magnilink Zip Premium is a simple magnifier designed to make reading easier. It comes in two sizes, a 13 inch variant and a 17 inch variant, and folds up for easy storage. It also comes with a convenient carrying case, making it easy to take with you wherever you go.

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Portable Magnifiers

Low Vision International - Magnilink Tab, portable magnifier.

Magnilink TAB

The Magnilink Tab is the most portable and versatile low vision magnifier that Low Vision International has to offer. With its foldable design and movable camera, this low vision magnifier can be used in any circumstance, making it perfect for students on the go and professionals who need to do work outside of the office.

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Low Vision International - Magnilink S Premium, portable magnifier.

ML S Premium

The Magnilink S is a revolutionary portable low vision camera system that works with macOS, Windows, and Chrome OS right out of the box. This handy camera allows you to view things at a distance and up close, making it ideal for those with low vision. It also comes with optical character recognition (OCR) software, which can be used to read text aloud.

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The WifiCam being used in a school setting.

Magnilink Wifi Cam

The WifiCam is the pioneer in wireless magnification solutions, seamlessly integrated with the Apple iPad system. With it's wireless Magnification: Unleash the power of magnification without constraints. The WifiCam allows you to magnify text, images, and objects effortlessly, providing a versatile and accessible solution for individuals with low vision.

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Low Vision International - Nara 5 inch, digital hand-held magnifier.

Nara Hand Held Magnifiers

The NARA five and seven inch handhelds are the perfect magnifier for people on the go. These compact devices have bright screens, high contrast, and a simple button layout that make them easy to use. For added reassurance, the NARA handhelds also have spoken menus to guide users through the settings.

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Reading Machines

Low Vision International - Voice 2, reading machine.

Magnilink Voice 2

The Magnilink voice two is an innovative reading machine that is quickly becoming the best on the market. Its text to speech capabilities are of the highest quality, and its bright LEDs make it easy to read in any lighting. The camera is quick and takes a great shot of the text, and then reads it out loud with near flawless accuracy.

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