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Humanware and OverHere Consulting have been providing high-quality blindness and low vision equipment in Montana for nearly a decade.

Blindness Product Solutions

Humanware - Braillenote Touch+ 18, braille notetaker.

BrailleNote Touch+

The HumanWare BrailleNote Touch+ 18 and 32 are revolutionary notetakers designed for blind users. This device runs on Android and gives blind users full access to the Google Play Store. It also has a suite of accessible applications for writing documents, sending emails, scheduling appointments, and the ability to use the Google Suite of applications.

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Humanware - Brailliant 20X and 40X, smart braille displays.

Brailliant BI

The HumanWare brailliant, 20 X and 40 X smart refreshable braille display, is a revolutionary device that provides online access to a variety of publications, including the NFB-NEWSLINE, book share, nls bard, and many more. It also has a basic text editor and a braille file editor, allowing users to easily take notes on the go.

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Humanware - Victor Reader Stream, digital talking book player.

Victor Reader Stream

The Victor Reader Stream is an amazing device designed to help blind individuals stay connected to the world. The Victor Reader Stream is a dedicated, digital talking book player with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity. This device allows users to download and stream books, podcasts, and radio stations with ease. Additionally, the Bluetooth feature now allows users to connect Bluetooth headphones for wireless listening.

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Low Vision Product Solutions

Humanware - Explore 5, digital hand-held magnifier.

Explore Hand Helds

HumanWare's Explorer is a line of handheld magnifiers that come in three different sizes: a 5 inch screen, an 8 inch screen, and the larger 12 inch screen with the optional reading stand. The Explorer five is the smallest, and it has a simple button layout that is easy to use. The Explorer eight and Explorer 12 both have touch screens and simple button layouts. All three models have large, high contrast buttons, as well as full HD cameras.

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Humanware - Prodigi Connect 12, portable magnifier.

Prodigi Connect 12

The Prodigi connect 12 is the most compact and portable magnifier HumanWare has to offer. This device is perfect for students who are always on the go. It has a folding design and a Bluetooth distance camera, allowing for up to 25X magnification. The Prodigi connect 12 also comes with full OCR software, text editing functions, access to Google classroom, and the Google suite of applications.

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Humanware - Reveal 16, portable magnifier.

Reveal 16 Portable Magnifier

The Reveal 16 is a portable magnifier that is perfect for anyone who needs a little extra help seeing. It comes in two variations, the 16 Basic and the 16i. The 16 Basic is a simple magnifier with easy to use, large button controls. It is perfect for those who need a magnifier that is easy to use and reliable.

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